May 24,

Beach Testing Results

Beach Testing Results

Beach sampling has been completed for the 2015 season.  Please check back in May 2016. 

The 2 public beaches in the City of Peterborough are sampled by PCCHU Public Health Inspectors at least once each business day.  Public beaches in Peterborough County are sampled at least once every week except for Chandos Beach and Quarry Bay Beach which are sampled at least once in June, July and August.

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Legend: (more info on each below the results table)


Beach Name Date Sampled Beach Status
Belmont Lake
Curve Lake Lance Wood Park  
Curve Lake Henrys Gumming  
Crowe’s Line
Jones Beach
Kasshabog Lake  
Quarry Bay
Roger’s Cove
Sandy Beach  
Squirrel Creek
Warsaw Caves
White’s Beach
























When is a Beach “Posted”?

A public beach is “posted” when the level of E. coli in the water exceeds 100 E. coli cfu/100mL of water.  When the level of E. coli exceeds 100 cfu/100mL water, the water is unsafe for recreational use, including human bathing (swimming).  When a beach is posted, signage will be placed around the beach area to inform the public of the elevated bacterial counts and the potential threat to human health.  A posted beach is re-sampled within one business day and the posting is removed when E. coli returns to acceptable levels.

When is a Beach “Closed”?

A beach is “closed” when a significant risk to human health and safety has been identified, such as signs of hazardous or infectious material in the water or when there is a blue-green algae bloom.  Swimming in the water is NOT permitted when a beach is closed and public access to the beach will be restricted or eliminated.  The beach is re-opened when the risk to human health and safety has been eliminated


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